The Foundation for Historic Christ Church (FHCC) collects objects and archival materials related to the 1670 and 1735 church buildings and churchyard, the Carter family, Christ Church Parish, the Church of England and religion in colonial Virginia, and the history of the Foundation for Historic Christ Church. The collection falls into four categories: Museum, Library, Foundation, and Education.


  • Architectural elements and furnishings from the two churches, churchyard, and tombs
  • Archaeological findings from excavations at the church site, Robert Carter’s Corotoman plantation, and pre-historic/colonial Christ Church Parish
  • Artifacts and original documents, paintings, maps, drawings, prints, photographs and postcards related to the history and preservation of Christ Church, Christ Church Parish and Corotoman 
  • Carter family objects such as books, documents, watches and photographs


  • Documents and maps (manuscript copies and transcriptions) related to Christ Church, Christ Church Parish, the Carter family, and Corotoman
  • Parish Profile Research Collection (documents related to the people who made up Christ Church Parish in the colonial period)
  • Robert Carter and Thomas Carter Descendants Databases
  • Books and periodicals related to Christ Church, Christ Church Parish, the Carter family, Corotoman and the history of colonial Virginia


  • Documents, objects, portraits, photographs and commemorative markers related to FHCC and the preservation of Christ Church
  • FHCC minute books, Volunteer Council records, publications and related documents
  • Newspaper, press books, journal articles, images, film and other media on Christ Church and FHCC


  • Architectural elements from the 1735 church
  • Reproduction colonial clothing, games, household objects, and brickmaking tools
  • Reproduction archaeological collections
  • Training materials