Board of Directors

Our board members invite you to join them and make a difference today and for tomorrow.

Board of Directors 2017-2018

Regina Gaskins Baylor 
Michael W. Bombay
John C. Bowden, III
Edward G. Feddeman 
Dr. Kathleen P. Galgano 
Arthur D. Gilbert 
Steven D. Harris, President
R. Page Henley, Jr. 
John H. Hunt, II, Treasurer 
The Right Rev. Shannon S. Johnston, 
  Bishop, Diocese of Virginia, Ex-Officio 
David A. Jones 
The Rev. David H. May, 
  Ex-Officio, Chairman of the Board 
Ronald L. Mihills  
Katherine Foster Muller  
Elizabeth J. Otley, Secretary 
Alexander Smith, Jr. 
Pamela A. Ward, Ph.D. 
Elizabeth H. Woods 
Jill M. Worth, Vice President

Bonnie P. Dawson 
Anne C. Dickerson 
Carl R. Lounsbury, Ph.D.

B.H.B. Hubbard, III, Esq., Registered Agent