Historic Christ Church & Museum has been called a hidden gem. This extraordinary museum features artifacts, documents, displays, and exhibits that tell the story of Christ Church, its builders, and the Church of England in colonial Virginia within the context of early American settlement and the trans-Atlantic world. As a visitor, begin your exploration of this fascinating history with an orientation film for adults narrated by newsman Roger Mudd or a kid-friendly one narrated by Hailey Didion, a fourth-generation volunteer at HCC&M.

Learn about the lives and accomplishments of the Carter family and view wine bottles and seals, sword pieces, ceramics, and other artifacts recovered from Robert "King" Carter's Corotoman mansion. Treasured objects on display include the original communion silver, parts of the original 1670 church, a 1707 land indenture, Robert Carter III's writing desk, Native American ceramics and tools found on the Christ Church site, and more.

Learn about the lives of the enslaved, indentured and free craftspeople who constructed Christ Church and the tools they used in a touch-screen display. Other interactive displays explore themes like the architecture and preservation of Christ Church, the Church of England, everyday life in Christ Church Parish, and the rise of religious dissent and liberty in colonial Virginia.

There's something for the whole family. Become an "undertaker," or a builder in colonial Virginia, by constructing a brick wall, an arch with a keystone, or a king-post roof truss in our hands-on station for children. Be sure to pick up a free Museum Activity Book filled with artifact hunts, crossword puzzles, word scrambles and other fun activities.

Come discover one of the great small museums in America!