Sunday Speaker Series – A Variety of Religious Experiences: Natives, Africans and Europeans in Early Virginia

11/07/2021 2:00 pm


“Hornets, Snakes, Baptists & Presbyterians: Winning the Contest for Religious Freedom” presented by John Ragosta

Before the American Revolution, dissenters from Virginia’s established church, the Church of England, faced serious legal discrimination and persecution. After the Revolution, Virginia adopted Thomas Jefferson’s “Statute for Establishing Religious Freedom,” providing the most eloquent and fullest protection for religious liberty. Jefferson’s Statute later provided a foundation for the First Amendment. Dr. Ragosta will discuss the relatively unknown role of Virginia’s religious dissenters, primarily Baptist and Presbyterian evangelicals, in both winning the American Revolution and in establishing religious liberty, including a strict separation of church and state. Wine & cheese reception with speaker follows. Tickets: $70.00 for series or $25.00 per in-person presentation.