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The historical, architectural, and archaeological research undertaken by the Foundation over the past five decades has led to the publication of a number of important works on the history of Christ Church and Christ Church Parish. We are pleased to offer these items for sale both in our gift shop and by mail order.
If you would like to order any of these materials, you may print out the Publications Order Form found at the bottom of the page. You may also contact the Foundation office at info@christchurch1735.org or 804.438.6855 for more information.

Christ Church, Lancaster County, Virginia
Katharine L. Brown & Nancy T. Sorrells    $10.00
Robert "King" Carter: Builder of Christ Church
Katharine L. Brown    $10.00
A general history of Christ Church. Discusses the Anglican Church in colonial Virginia; the two churches that have stood at Christ Church; the clergy who served them; the glebe; worship practices; and disestablishment. Highlights the architectural features of the brick church and chronicles preservation work in 19th and 20th centuries. Includes list of rectors and 1724 Report to Bishop of London. 65 pages. 2nd Edition. 2010. Nice history of the patron of Christ Church. Explores Carter’s role as planter, patriarch, merchant, land agent, slaveholder, politician, & churchwarden. Discusses family background and early life, including school in England, as well as his rise to power and his Corotoman mansion. Includes lists of famous descendants; Carter tomb inscriptions; and Carter-related houses in Virginia. 110 pages. 2nd Edition. 2010.
People In Profile: Christ Church Parish, 1720-1750, Lancaster County, Virginia
Katharine L. Brown & Nancy T. Sorrells    $10.00
Landholders & Landholdings: Christ Church Parish, Lancaster County, Virginia
Nancy T. Sorrells    $10.00
Click here for the Table of Contents and a list of persons profiled in this book Profiles the lives and fortunes of various persons active in Christ Church Parish around the period 1720-1750. Presents cameos on some thirteen individuals and two families, including leading planters, the rector of Christ Church, indentured servants, freed slaves, a wealthy dissenter, and several prominent women. Click on the book to see the Table of Contents and a list of those persons profiled. Includes index. 160 pages. 2002. Documents through text & fold-out map the landowners and landholdings in Christ Church Parish ca. 1720-1750. Organized by the 6 precincts that formed the parish. Provides overview of each precinct & documents how the landowners acquired and passed on their properties therein. Fold-out map includes indexes by precinct and one of all landowners. Book is indexed as well. 56 pages. 2004.
Historic Christ Church Heritage Books Series
Katharine L. Brown & Nancy T. Sorrells    $35.00
Landmarks and Landowners of 1750: Historic Christ Church Parish Map
Historic Christ Church Research Committee with cartographer James E. Gearhart    $5.00
Get all four Historic Christ Church Heritage Books in one set. Includes Christ Church, Robert "King" Carter, People In Profile, and Landholders & Landholdings. Unique map identifies all known landowners and their landholdings in Christ Church Parish, 1720-1750. Included as fold-out in Landholders & Landholdings but also available here separately. Color-coded by precinct. Includes index for each precinct and one of all CCP landowners. Identifies parish landmarks such as mills, warehouses, and rivers and creeks. 25 1/2 in. x 22 in. 2003.
Vestry Book, 1739-1786: Christ Church Parish, Lancaster County, Virginia
Transcribed by Margaret H. Tupper    $15.00
Vestry Book, 1832-1869: Christ Church Parish, Lancaster County, Virginia
Transcribed by Margaret H. Tupper    $15.00
Second extant vestry book for Christ Church Parish. Begins as record of St. Mary’s White Chapel, the sister parish of Christ Church, which merged with Christ Church Parish in 1752. Minutes concern SMWC and “General Vestries” until 1759, when they cover Christ Church Parish with references to its two precincts. Includes index and lists of vestrymen, clerks, and sextons. 108 pages. 1990. OUT OF STOCK.

Third extant vestry book begins in 1832, when vestry of Christ Church Parish re-formed as part of Protestant Episcopal Church. Documents early preservation work on Christ Church. Reveals difficulty parish had in keeping ministers for extended period. Includes index and lists of ministers and vestrymen. 72 pages. 1993.
Historic Structure Report: Christ Church, Lancaster County, VA
Nathaniel Palmer Neblett, AIA    $25.00
Carter Family Tree
Based on original by R. R. Carter of Shirley

The standard work on the architectural features of Christ Church and their existing conditions (as of about 1990; published 1994). Includes historical overview of church construction and Carter family’s role as well as chronological condition report summarizing preservation work from 1830s to 1980s. Appendices include black/white photographs and illustrations and architectural drawings. 163 pages. 1994.
36" x 36" vellum reproduction of Carter Family Tree based on original designed by R. R. Carter of Shirley and published by his daughter Marion Carter Oliver ca. 1898. Beautifully drawn. Collector's item for Carter descendants. 1898, 2006.

Robert Carter of Corotoman, An Analysis of His Last Will and Testament:
The Disposition of a Very Large Estate

Lloyd T. Smith, Jr., Editor    $35.00
The Executors' Letters of Robert Carter of Corotoman 1732-1738:
Settling a Very Large Estate in the 18th Century

Lloyd T. Smith, Jr., Editor    $45.00
An incredibly detailed, annotated transcription and analysis of Robert Carter's will. Extensive footnotes provide valuable information on persons, places and events mentioned in the will. Nice introduction by editor includes list of Carter's children and grandchildren. Detailed index. Appendix includes discussion of the extant copies of Carter's will, a summary of Carter's original bequests and his changes by codicil, laws affecting or related to Carter's estate, and a historical timeline. 2009. Companion volume to Editor Lloyd T. Smith’s analysis of Robert Carter's will. Extraordinary collection of 200 letters from John, Charles and Landon Carter as they handled their father's estate following his death in 1732. Extensively footnoted with a comprehensive index, detailed notes on persons mentioned in the letters, and brief summaries and background material to each letter. Covers many important areas of colonial Virginia, including tobacco economy, slave trade, Carter house building projects and more. Includes color portraits of several Carter family members and photographs of their houses. 2010.

A Ring for Her Finger: An 18th Century Prenuptial Agreement-The Jointure Agreement for Betty Landon At the Time of Her Marriage to Robert Carter
Lloyd T. Smith, Jr., Editor    $7.00
A Letter from Uncle John: A Nineteenth Century Study on Carter Genealogy
Lloyd T. Smith, Jr., Editor    $7.00
Annotated transcription of marriage contract from April 9, 1701 between Robert Carter and his second wife, Betty Landon Carter. Introduction provides biographical material on Betty and Robert Carter and the history of the jointure. Appendix contains biographical sketches of persons mentioned in the jointure along with maps showing location of lands conveyed. 2011. Annotated transcription of letter from John Minor IV to Charles Minor Blackford on January 20, 1858 on Carter and Minor family genealogy and history. Introduction has biographical material on both men. Extensive footnotes provide additional information on the people and events mentioned in Minor's letter. 2011.

A Story of Two Boys: Christ Church Parish, Lancaster County, Virginia
Charlotte Henry with Illustrations by Beth Williams, Charlotte Henry & Mary Alice Rath    $8.00
Known By The Company They Keep: An Analysis of the Thomas Carter Prayer Book Entries
Robert D. Lumsden, Ph.D.   $25.00
Creative story about two boys who lived in Christ Church Parish in the early eighteenth century. Based on actual Lancaster County records of the Maughon family. Great for children age 7 and older. Includes copies and transcriptions of original court records related to the story. 2011. Detailed examination into the lives and personalities of members and friends of the Thomas Carter family of Lancaster County in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Uses a birth date/baptism list and other entries in Thomas Carter’s 1662 Book of Common Prayer to profile his and wife Katharine Carter’s children and grandchildren and their spouses and godparents. Includes many abstracts of court orders, deeds, wills and other records and a family chart foldout. 2012.
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