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Robert "King" Carter of Corotoman (1663-1732)

Born:      1663  Corotoman Plantation, Rappahannock River Robert Carter
Robert "King" Carter
Died:       August 4, 1732  Corotoman plantation
Buried:    Christ Church Yard

  1. Judith Armistead of Hesse, Gloucester County--Married 1688. Died 1699. Mother of five children

  2. Betty Landon (widow Willis)--Married 1701. Died 1719. Mother of ten children
John Carter
John Carter of Shirley Plantation.
Courtesy Shirley Plantation.
By his first wife, Judith Armistead Carter (1665-1699)
  1. Sarah--ca. 1690. Died in infancy before her mother and buried near her at Christ Church

  2. Elizabeth--born ca. 1692-1734. Married 1) 1709 Nathaniel Burwell (1680-1721) of Fairfield, Gloucester County 2) 1724 Dr. George Nicholas (1695-1734) of Williamsburg

  3. Judith--ca. 1694. Died in infancy before her mother and buried near her at Christ Church

  4. Judith--1695-1750. Married 1718 Mann Page I (1691-1730) of Rosewell, Gloucester County

  5. John--1696-1742. Secretary of Virginia Colony. Married 1723 Elizabeth Hill (ca. 1708-1771) of Shirley, Charles City County
By his second wife, Betty Landon (Widow Willis) Carter (1683/84-1719)
   1.  Anne--1702-1743. Married 1722 Benjamin Harrison IV (1695-1745) of Berkeley, Charles City County
   2.  Robert--1704-1732. Married 1725. Priscilla Churchill (1705-1757) of Bushy Park, Middlesex County
   3.  Sarah--ca. 1704-05. Died before her mother and buried near her at Christ Church
   4.  Betty--ca. 1705-06. Died before her mother and buried near her at Christ Church
   5.  Charles--1707-1764. Married 1) 1728 Mary Walker (?-1742) 2) 1742 Anne Byrd (1725-1757) of         Westover, Charles City County 3) 1762 Lucy Taliaferro
   6.  Ludlow--ca. 1709. Died before his mother and buried near her at        Christ Church Landon Carter
Landon Carter of Sabine Hall. Courtesy Sabine Hall.
   7.  Landon--1710-1778. Married 1) 1732 Elizabeth Wormeley (1713-       1740) of Rosegill, Middlesex County 2) 1742 Maria Byrd (1727-1744)        of Westover, Charles City County 3) 1746 Elizabeth Beale
   8.  Mary--1712-1736. Married 1732 George Braxton II (ca. 1705-1749)        of Newington, King & Queen County
   9.  Lucy--1715-1763. 1) 1730 Henry Fitzhugh (1706-07-1742) of Eagle's        Nest, King George County 2) 1748 Nathaniel Harrison II (1713-1791)        of Brandon, Prince George County
   10. George--1718-1742. Died unmarried in England. Buried in the         churchyard at Middle Temple
1663–1672/3 Spends early years at Corotoman
1669 Father John dies. Leaves Robert 1,000 acres on eastern branch of Corotoman River
1672/3-1678/9 Sent to London for schooling. Lives with merchant Arthur Bailey, where he gains invaluable insights into the tobacco trade between the Virginia colony and England. At the same time witnesses firsthand the extensive rebuilding projects Christopher Wren led in the city following the devastating fire of 1666.
1684/5 Witnesses documents in Lancaster Courthouse, now 21 years old and living in Virginia
1688 Marries Judith Armistead of Hesse, Gloucester County (now Mathews County) Judith Armistead Carter
Judith Armistead Carter, Robert Carter's first wife, whom he married in 1688. She and Robert had five children before her death in 1699 at age 34. Courtesy Shirley Plantation.
1690 By terms of his father John’s will, inherits the Corotoman estate (6,160 acres and housing) on the death of his older half-brother, John II. Is building brick house later called “the old house,” into which he will move back after the fire in 1729 destroys his mansion.
1690 – 1691 Chosen Church Warden of Christ Church—an office he held until his death; appointed Justice of the Peace for Lancaster County; represented Lancaster County in the House of Burgesses in 1691-92 and 1695–1699; elected Speaker in 1696–1697 and 1699.
Betty Landon Carter
Betty Landon Carter, Robert Carter's second wife, whom he married in 1701, two years after Judith Armistead Carter died. Together, Betty and Robert Carter had ten children. Courtesy Sabine Hall.
1699 Appointed Treasurer of Virginia; appointed Colonel and Commander-in-Chief of militia in Lancaster and Northumberland Counties; appointed Naval Officer of Rappahannock River; wife Judith dies at age 34
1700 Appointed Councillor and served for 32 years until his death
1701 Marries Betty Landon (widow of Richard Willis)
1702 Becomes agent for Lord Fairfax’s Northern Neck Proprietary which he served, with an interval of nine years (1712 – 1721), until his death
1715-1720 Begins the building of his mansion house, which was finished in 1725
1716 On Board of Visitors at the College of William & Mary until his death
1719 Wife Betty Landon dies at age 36 Archaeological excavations of Corotoman site.  Click for more on Corotoman's history.
Archaeologists excavated the site of Robert Carter's Corotoman mansion in the late 1970s. Click on the photograph for more information on the Corotoman site.
1726 Becomes President of Council and Acting Governor for a year and a half until the new governor, William Gooch, arrives in September 1727. First writes will. Leaves £200 for new brick church
1729 Mansion house burns
1730 Proposes to vestry to build a new brick church at his own expense; vestry accepts this proposal
1732 Robert Carter dies
1735 Robert Carter’s sons John, Charles, and Landon oversee completion of Christ Church

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